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Why Thaibuytrip?

Why Thaibuytrip?

Hey! We are Thaibuytrip, a modern booking service for both group and individual tours in Phuket. For many years, in collaboration with experienced partners, our team has been helping travelers explore cities and countries from an unusual perspective — from the water. This site contains only vibrant and worthwhile offers to help you immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of Thailand's most picturesque island, and most importantly, to fill your trip with even more impressions.

Whether it's a boat trip to the spectacular islands, a private yacht cruise with your loved ones, or your first scuba dive, we make sure that your expectations of Phuket are only limited by the size of the Indian Ocean itself. We truly believe that the tour format is one of the most intriguing and convenient options for getting to know the island and the beautiful places in the Andaman Sea. Here are some reasons why water-based activities in Thailand are worth the attention of every traveler.

Group Phuket tours

Going on a joint group tour is one of the things to do with your Thailand travel. It is a very convenient option. It offers a very detailed and thought-out plan of the tour program, which saves you from all sorts of troubles that you may stumble upon if you were to organize it yourself. The cost of the trip includes everything that is specified in the description.

Our website has two main categories for such types of tours: boat trips and Phuket excursions. The main advantage of our offer is the unlimited variety of tour formats, so any traveler will be able to find a suitable format based on their preferences. For example, with us you can visit a national park, swim in a waterfall, go rafting in the jungle or see the most beautiful islands in the Andaman Sea. In addition to the unlimited diversity of formats, group tours provide an opportunity not only to save money with rather cheap tickets and have some quality time, but also to meet new people who share the same spirit.

If you are willing to buy tickets at the current price, you just need to follow these simple steps. All you have to do is to choose the offer you like, click on the yellow button on the page, fill in all the necessary fields, and proceed to checkout. Once the payment is complete, your ticket will be sent to your specified email address.

Yacht and boat rental

An option for companies, couples, or families. In this section, you will find the best and most modern yachts and boats on which you can go to explore the islands, sunbathe, swim in the open sea, take beautiful pictures, or simply have a good time with your loved ones.

You can freely choose the route, the duration of the cruise, and add to your trip any required services. For example, you could invite a DJ for a party or order dinner that would wait for you on board.

The whole process of booking a yacht or boat is rather simple. All you have to do is to fill out an application form on one of the pages and tell us about your requests. Once the application is complete, we will find the best suitable options and then contact you to confirm the booking and discuss all the details. All logistics will be arranged entirely by our team, so all you’ve left to do is to enjoy your trip.

Active leisure

There is also another popular holiday alternative to a more typical Phuket day trip, which allows you to get acquainted with the island, but in a more interactive format. Unlike the other offers, tours with active recreation can be carried out as a group activity or in an individual format. Deep-sea fishing and, of course, scuba diving in open waters are among those interesting offers that are absolute must-try experiences for any traveler in Thailand. All these scenarios can also be found on our website. 

Most importantly, we urge you to share your thoughts and wishes with us. In that case, an unforgettable trip will be guaranteed. We wish you a pleasant holiday and a wonderful experience. Always in touch — Thaibuytrip team.