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Yacht and boat rental
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Yacht or catamaran rental
Yacht or catamaran rental
  • Ideal for short cruises and week-long voyages
  • Over 30 sailing and powerboat models to choose from
  • Boat selection according to your needs and events
  • The maximum number of guests is 50
  • Customizable routes through the most beautiful locations
  • Personal manager and cruise organization from scratch
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Speedboat rental
Speedboat rental
  • For island trips with the company of your loved ones
  • 3 boat models to choose from, each with its own set of features
  • Wide selection of boats, perfect boat according to your needs
  • Maximum capacity: up to 15 guests
  • Individual routes through the most beautiful and fascinating places
  • Personal manager and cruise organization from scratch
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Fishing boat rental
Fishing boat rental
  • For professionals and amateur fishermen
  • 3 different boat models to choose from
  • Suitable boats for both bottom fishing and trolling
  • Maximum capacity: up to 12 guests
  • The price includes all equipment and lunch prepared from your catch
  • Personal manager and trip organization from scratch
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Phuket is not just an island paradise where you can endlessly enjoy the beauty of sandy beaches and the warmth of the Andaman Sea. This is the place for travelers who dream of romantic cruises, an atmospheric dinner onboard a ship, or want to diversify their vacation with bright impressions accompanied by their loved ones. In this section, we have gathered the most modern options for private yacht tours in Phuket, which will suit any event of yours and, most importantly, will help you to really experience a true marine adventure in Thailand.

Due to the popularity of private boat tours in Phuket, there is a wide range of options for water transportation for hire. Each of them is perfect for a particular format of rest and differs in size, level of comfort, price, and whether they are suitable for sailing over long distances.

Catamarans and yachts

Chartering a yacht in Phuket is one of the most popular means of water transportation in Thailand, and it is suitable for both short and long cruises. Small sailing yachts or catamarans accommodate a group of up to 10 people and are a convenient option to hold a small event or just learn about a private boat trip in Phuket itself. For longer sails, a charter of a modern, spacious sailboat or catamaran will be more convenient. That type of vessel usually has a capacity of up to 30 guests and offers several bedrooms, recreation areas, a kitchen, and everything else that is necessary for a long trip. If you have a corresponding license, you can try yourself in the role of skipper, deny the services of the crew, and sail bareboat.

Motor yachts

Motor yachts are also well suited for different formats of travel, whether it is a one-day trip to the nearest islands, a party for up to 150 guests, or a long cruise with stops in the most picturesque locations in Thailand. Like sailing catamarans, such yachts are equipped with all the amenities and differ from each other in size, number of sleeping cabins, and level of comfort.


A private speedboat rental in Phuket offers you a great way to explore the Thai islands in the company of a small group. Usually, so-called speedboats are rented for a few hours to fish or scuba dive in the open waters, as well as to go on a boat trip to the nearby stunning islands. Together with a boat rental, you can order additional services if needed. For example, you can arrange a transfer to the pier of departure, rent the necessary equipment for deep-sea fishing, or invite a diving instructor.

How to rent a yacht or a boat?

It is quite simple. Simply go to the relevant page of one of the ships and fill out an application form to book a preferred boat option. In that form, you will need to provide information about your upcoming trip and, if desired, leave any comments. Once the application is received, a personal manager will contact you individually to discuss possible options. The manager will work through the cruise from scratch and create an offer based on your desires.

It is possible to tell the exact price of the rent only once the particular boat has been chosen. The final price depends on the boat or yacht themselves, as well as the duration of the trip and the list of additional services (if any were purchased).

We wish you pleasant travels and are always in touch — the Thaibuytrip team.