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Private tours in Phuket

Private tours in Phuket


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If you are planning on staying in Phuket for more than a week, you will not be able to simply lie on the beach the entire time. And truth be told, you probably would not want to either. Phuket has so much to offer that you would love to see with your own eyes: endless jungles, an azure sea, lots of natural and cultural sights, and, of course, the fascinating islands. After all, Phuket is just one of the 260 most beautiful islands in Thailand. Many travelers prefer a group tour for such occasions. But if you want to get a unique experience and share it only among your friends, colleagues, or loved ones and relatives, it is definitely worth considering going on a custom tour with a private tour guide in Phuket or other islands.


Why is it worth going on a Phuket private tour?

  • Tours are carried out in a private manner, only for your company. This way you can feel as comfortable as possible, explore new locations at your own pace, and share your thoughts and emotions only with your loved ones.
  • A wide selection of trips and tours to any possible destination. As a part of an individual trip, you can go on a sightseeing tour of one of the picturesque provinces, go rafting, or try your hand at diving under the supervision of a personal instructor.
  • Possibility to adjust the route and program of the tour itself. If you want, you can change the given plan and make up your own. For example, you can skip a part at a particular location and allow yourself to stretch the pleasure by staying in another place for a longer period of time.
  • Individual tour by an English-speaking guide. This guide will be with you the whole time to solve any logistical issues that might arise and provide you with interesting stories and facts about new places.


Options for individual tours in Phuket:

  • Trip to the Similan Islands — snorkeling at the most picturesque reefs of Thailand and discovering the four main islands of Similan. 
  • Trip to the islands of Phi Phi — a tour to the most famous archipelago in Thailand, during which you will observe six picturesque locations, and the guide in English will share interesting facts about these places.
  • Tour of 11 Islands — the most comprehensive individual tour of the main Thai islands surrounding Phuket, which will help to create a complete and full impression of insular Thailand and allow you to observe local life for a day. A one-of-a-kind island hopping tour!
  • Krabi province island tour — a sea trip to the discovery sites of ancient civilizations with luxurious beach leisure and shopping in exotic shops.
  • The James Bond Islands tour — one of the most popular tours to the locations where the ninth part of the Bond films was filmed. These sites are famous for their cinematic scenery and natural uniqueness.
  • Diving in Phuket — a customized dive tour for both beginners and certified divers. There are 3 locations to choose from, every one of which is designed for a certain level of expertise.
  • Fishing in Phuket — one of the most popular formats of outdoor activities. With such a tour, each guest leaves with a great experience and a good catch.
  • Khao Lak tour— an individual guided hike through the largest national park in Phang Nga. If you have a specific location or activity in mind, please let us know, and we will create a personalized tour of the park for you.
  • Phang Nga province tour — a chamber tour to Phang Nga province offers a great opportunity to explore the place and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere without following someone else's timeline.
  • Trip to Khao Sok with a visit to Cheo Lan — a tour with the most extensive route through the national park, including a trip through the jungle, exploration of authentic temples, and a water cruise on Thailand's most beautiful lake.
  • Trip from Phuket to Bangkok — the most convenient and fastest way to explore Thailand's bustling and diverse capital. The price of the tour already includes roundtrip airfare, an extensive guided city tour, and leisure time to explore the city and immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. 
  • Rafting — the most active and diverse tour, during which you get a decent dose of extreme experiences, make friends with local elephants, and dive into a waterfall in the middle of the jungle.
  • Phuket sightseeing tour — a bus and walking tour that takes you beyond the typical sandy Phuket and introduces you to the island's real life and most scenic locations.


How to book private Phuket day tour?

Booking an individual tour is quite simple. All you have to do is choose your preferred option of tour in Phuket and share your desires regarding the tour through the application form on this page. By the way, you can find more details about each tour by clicking on the name of the tour. After receiving an application, you will be contacted by a personal manager who will prepare the best options for your individual tour, tell more about its features, and answer any of your questions. After the discussion of the price and agreement on the details, the manager will monitor the performance of your trip until its completion.


So we recommend you leave all of your concerns in the hotel and just enjoy the beauty of the Andaman Sea, tropical forests, unique islands, and snow-white beaches. Have a pleasant trip in the company of your close ones!

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