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Phuket to the Islands tours

Phuket to the Islands tours


Similan Islands boat tour

11 hours
  • For true diving enthusiasts
  • Visit to the 3 main islands of Similan
  • Snorkeling at Thailand's most beautiful reefs
  • Guided tour in English
  • The ticket price includes lunch, breakfast, and dinner
  • Bus transfer from your Phuket hotel
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Phi Phi Islands speed boat tour

10 hours
  • Cruise through Thailand's most famous archipelago
  • Six stops at scenic locations are made along the route
  • English-speaking guide tour
  • Snorkeling and swimming over the coral reef
  • Buffet lunch on the beach
  • Transfer by bus from your Phuket hotel
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11 Islands tour

10 hours
  • Thailand's most extensive island tour
  • Explore 11 fascinating locations
  • Snorkeling, canoeing and beach leisure
  • Lunch, includes traditional Thai and European dishes
  • Bus transfer from your Phuket hotel
  • Next tour:
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Krabi Islands day trip

9 hours
  • Journey to the places of inspiration
  • Visit the five popular islands in the province
  • Snorkeling and beach leisure in fascinating locations
  • Guided tour in English
  • Lunch, includes seafood dishes
  • Bus transfer from your Phuket hotel
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James Bond Island tour

10 hours
  • A trip to the famous movie location
  • Five stops at different islands for swimming in the open sea
  • Swimming in a traditional canoe through the cave and lagoon
  • English-speaking guide tour
  • Buffet lunch on the boat
  • Transfer by bus from your Phuket hotel
  • Next tour:
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Ferry transfer to Phi Phi Islands

2 hours (one way)
  • For independent travelers
  • Single or round trip ticket options
  • Return ticket with an open date for your convenience
  • Cafe bar and English speaking crew on board
  • Picturesque route on the Andaman Sea
  • Triple-deck ferry with open and closed zones
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[{"MIGX_id":"1","list-excursion__resource":"1146","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"Similan Islands boat tour","resource":"Similan Islands boat tour"},{"MIGX_id":"2","list-excursion__resource":"1147","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"Phi Phi Islands speed boat tour","resource":"Phi Phi Islands speed boat tour"},{"MIGX_id":"3","list-excursion__resource":"1148","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"11 Islands tour","resource":"11 Islands tour"},{"MIGX_id":"4","list-excursion__resource":"1149","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"Krabi Islands day trip","resource":"Krabi Islands day trip"},{"MIGX_id":"5","list-excursion__resource":"1150","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"James Bond Island tour","resource":"James Bond Island tour"},{"MIGX_id":"6","list-excursion__resource":"1282","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"","resource":"Ferry transfer to Phi Phi Islands"}]

The Kingdom of Thailand has hundreds of islands scattered in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Phuket is the largest of them all. For those who are vacationing in this paradise corner of the world, there are hundreds of opportunities to diversify their leisure time, learn more about the local nature and culture, or simply add dozens of pictures to their photo galleries from a yachts board. And all of those are very easy to do on one of the Phuket Island tours to the most picturesque seaside locations in Thailand.


The island trips from Phuket we offer you to be a part of are not limited to a simple sightseeing tour and some memorized stories from the guide about the main sights. During those trips, all guests can enjoy the beauty of wildlife, visit picturesque beaches, swim in the warm sea, and taste the dishes of Thai national cuisine. The tour cost varies depending on the program and the number of additional services provided, but each cruise usually includes a transfer along the route, an English-speaking guide, and meals.


In this tour selection, you'll find the best deals for 1 or a few days of travel, which will save you from all the risks of a self-organized trip and introduce you to the island part of Thailand.


Phuket Island hopping tours options:

  • The Phi Phi Islands — a one-day excursion to the Phi Phi Archipelago, Maya Bay, and a cruise to the Kaya or Bambu Islands. The trip lasts 7 hours, and it is an ideal option for those attracted to beautiful views or beach vacations.
  • James Bond Island — a cruise to mysterious caves, majestic cliffs, and shining snow-white beaches. Tour participants will swim in a canoe, dine aboard, and swim in the bay of picturesque Lava Yai Island.
  • Similan Islands — this place is famous for its amazing scenery: crystal clear sea of turquoise-blue color, mountains, and tropical forests. The cruise lasts for 9 hours, this will be enough to fully acquaint yourself with this fabulous location and it will remain as a pleasant memory that will last for a long time.
  • The Krabi province — a boat trip to the place that, according to the legends, was discovered by the famous Sinbad the Sailor. It is believed that the beauty of this location enchanted the daring traveler, and today everyone has the opportunity to see the islands with their own eyes. The tour itself lasts about 8 hours and it includes the visit to Krabi, a lunch of fresh seafood and a beach leisure.
  • 11 Islands — the Island-hopping boat tour with the most intense itinerary. The tour consists of traveling to all of the popular places near Phuket. The tour lasts several days, so in addition to meals and entertainment, the overnight stays in a hotel are also included in the price.


How to buy a ticket?

You can purchase a ticket with just a couple of clicks on our website: just choose the preferred tour option, fill in all the required fields, and proceed to the checkout. Once the payment is complete, the ticket will be sent to your specified email address.


We hope we will see you on one of Thailand's snow-white beaches!

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