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Koh Khai Islands tours
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Maiton and Khai Islands tour
Maiton and Khai Islands tour
8 hours
  • The perfect balance of beach and active holidays
  • Details: hotel transfer + boat tour + buffet lunch + English-speaking guide
  • Program: swimming near Maiton Island, snorkeling and beach holidays on the islands of Khai Nai and Khai Nok
  • Schedule: daily at 08:20
  • Route: Phuket + Maiton + Khai Nai + Khai Nok
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Excursion to the three islands of Khai
Excursion to the three islands of Khai
9 hours
  • Tour through the picturesque islands of the Khai Triangle
  • Details: hotel transfer + boat tour + buffet lunch + English-speaking guide
  • Program: swimming and snorkeling near the islands of Khai Nui and Khai Nok, beach holidays on the islands
  • Schedule: daily at 08:30-09:15
  • Route: Khai Nai + Khai Nui + Khai Nok
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What to expect?

Khai Nai, Khai Nui, and Khai Nok are small islands forming a triangle on the northeast coast of Phuket. Every island has its own specialization in recreational activities, tailored to the unique features of its local attractions.

Koh Khai Nai Island

Khai Nai, the largest of the three islands, is known for its untouched beaches and shallow, calm waters. This makes it a perfect place for family vacations and tours with a large group of people.

Khai Nui Island

Koh Khai Nui is the medium-sized island that offers a wide range of locations for secluded snorkeling along colorful coral reefs with numerous tropical fish and plants.

Khai Nok Island

Koh Khai Nok Island is the smallest and wildest of the three islands, transforming it into an ideal destination for tranquil relaxation and beachside activities.

Every organized excursion covers the expenses for round-trip transfers from the hotel to the designated location, features a guide proficient in English, and provides the essential snorkeling equipment.

Programs and prices for excursions to Khai Islands:

You can also opt for a cruise to the islands on a private boat. In order to do it you can rent a speedboat, catamaran, or yacht. This form of recreation entails the freedom to independently choose swimming and diving locations, along with a distinctive array of activities both on board and at designated beach stops.

What Tourists Should Know?

In Thailand there are a number of unwritten rules that should be strictly followed. They are primarily related to the surrounding nature. Respect its inhabitants, do not get too close to animals during snorkeling and diving, do not try to catch them, and do not pull them ashore. Additionally, we kindly ask you to treat corals with caution when interacting with them — refrain from attempting to pull them out or break them for souvenirs. On the beach, remember your impact on the environment and pick up all small and large litter.

As for preparations for the trip, remember the basics that will make your trip better: