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Sea tours in Phuket

Sea tours in Phuket


Similan Islands boat tour

11 hours
  • For true diving enthusiasts
  • Visit to the 3 main islands of Similan
  • Snorkeling at Thailand's most beautiful reefs
  • Guided tour in English
  • The ticket price includes lunch, breakfast, and dinner
  • Bus transfer from your Phuket hotel
  • Next tour:
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Phi Phi Islands speed boat tour

10 hours
  • Cruise through Thailand's most famous archipelago
  • Six stops at scenic locations are made along the route
  • English-speaking guide tour
  • Snorkeling and swimming over the coral reef
  • Buffet lunch on the beach
  • Transfer by bus from your Phuket hotel
  • Next tour:
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11 Islands tour

10 hours
  • Thailand's most extensive island tour
  • Explore 11 fascinating locations
  • Snorkeling, canoeing and beach leisure
  • Lunch, includes traditional Thai and European dishes
  • Bus transfer from your Phuket hotel
  • Next tour:
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James Bond Island tour

10 hours
  • A trip to the famous movie location
  • Five stops at different islands for swimming in the open sea
  • Swimming in a traditional canoe through the cave and lagoon
  • English-speaking guide tour
  • Buffet lunch on the boat
  • Transfer by bus from your Phuket hotel
  • Next tour:
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Ferry transfer to Phi Phi Islands

2 hours (one way)
  • For independent travelers
  • Single or round trip ticket options
  • Return ticket with an open date for your convenience
  • Cafe bar and English speaking crew on board
  • Picturesque route on the Andaman Sea
  • Triple-deck ferry with open and closed zones
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[{"MIGX_id":"1","list-excursion__resource":"1146","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"Similan Islands boat tour","resource":"Similan Islands boat tour"},{"MIGX_id":"2","list-excursion__resource":"1147","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"Phi Phi Islands speed boat tour","resource":"Phi Phi Islands speed boat tour"},{"MIGX_id":"3","list-excursion__resource":"1148","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"11 Islands tour","resource":"11 Islands tour"},{"MIGX_id":"5","list-excursion__resource":"1150","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"James Bond Island tour","resource":"James Bond Island tour"},{"MIGX_id":"6","list-excursion__resource":"1282","resource_ro":"","_this.value":"Ferry transfer to Phi Phi Islands","resource":"Ferry transfer to Phi Phi Islands"}]

Phuket is not a place where you can just sit still. Clean, sandy beaches and azure seas captivate with their beauty, and there are so many recreation options available that it would be illogical not to try at least some of those. Amidst all this diversity, Phuket boat cruises operate in the format of group tours, providing a great opportunity to add invaluable memories and better understand the nature and culture of the place.


First of all, group tours allow you to travel on a budget as well as safely explore the area. Phuket is the largest and most picturesque island in Thailand, with many small islands with cinematic scenery nearby. For example, the famous James Bond Island, the Similan Islands, or the province of Krabi. The Krabi province consists of several areas, including the islands of Phi Phi, that are quite popular among travelers as destination for yacht sailing tours on Phuket.


Secondly, sea tours in Phuket have a format that always offers a clear and well-organized program, a thoroughly planned route, and a wide list of activities. As for duration, such tours usually take a day or several days, so that you can take your time and really explore all the places. The price of such tours usually includes everything you might need. Specifically, the transfer from Phuket, guide services, visits to major attractions, and food.


Where can you travel to?

  • Phi Phi Islands — a water tour that includes a transfer to the islands, swimming in the sea, walking along the sandy coastline, as well as an introduction to Thai cuisine.
  • James Bond Island — a ride through the exotic locations where scenes from the ninth American iconic blockbuster were filmed.
  • Similan Islands — a one- or two-day trip where you can not only enjoy the fascinating scenery of Thailand, but also try different water activities in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.
  • Krabi Province — a sea tour to places of unique nature and architecture, where you can swim in waterfalls, visit famous temples, and taste the national cuisine.
  • 11 Islands — a one- or two-day boat tour in Phuket and its surrounding picturesque islands. The tour program offers you the opportunity to visit all of the most popular locations, learn about the culture of Thailand, as well as the peculiarities of its local entertainment.


How to buy tickets?

You can reserve a seat and buy a ticket with just a couple of clicks online on our website: just choose the option you prefer, click on the yellow button, fill in all the required fields, and proceed to checkout. Once the payment is complete, your ticket will be sent to your specified email address. The price of the tour includes everything that is listed in the description. We will always inform you in advance about any additional fees for individual services.


Our team always stays in touch and will be happy to answer any questions of yours. We wish you a pleasant holiday and a cool experience!

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