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Flying Hanuman Phuket, Thailand

Flight of the Gibbon in Phuket

  • Duration: 1 hour excluding transfers
  • Schedule: daily at 08:00, 10:00, 13:00, 15:00
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  • Point of departure: transfer from the hotel
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Feel yourself like a part of the jungle for just
1535 ฿ Select date

About the tour

One of the main attractions of Thailand is its picturesque rainforests. Travelers from all over the world come here to explore Thailand's wildlife and witness the unique flora and fauna with their own eyes. The jungle is a never-ending source of adventures for those who prefer extreme activities. If you are among the latter, then the flight of Hanuman, also known as Hanuman Zipline in Phuket's Zipline Park will be a great deal for you as an option for active entertainment. All you have to do is evaluate your strengths, choose one of the three routes, and come to the park and feel like a part of the jungle!


Routes options:

  • Ropeway with 10 platforms

The tour program includes three zipline rides, two vertical climb-downs, and one spiral stair walk-down. This route is suitable for beginners, as it offers a nice opportunity to try a new kind of active recreation without an overload of emotions.

Price: 1535฿ per person.


  • Ropeway with 18 platforms

The 18-platform track includes nine zipline rides, three vertical climb-downs, two suspension bridge walks, and one spiral stair walk-down. A double-cable zip line ride is also included; cables are placed parallel to each other, which allows everyone (who’d prefer that) to ride the zipline in pairs, holding hands.

Price: 2120฿ per person.


  • Ropeway with 32 platforms

The most extensive and challenging program: 16 zipline rides, three vertical climb-downs, two spiral stair walk-downs, five walks across suspension bridges over the jungle, and a double cable zip line ride.

Price: 2810฿ per person.

P.S. The price of the ticket for the Flying Hanuman Phuket adventure trip includes all services and activities offered during the tour. The only additional fee is a transfer from distant areas of Phuket and videos that are filmed on the track.


  • Transfer
  • Instructor's services
  • Equipment
  • Passage on the track
  • Insurance

Ticket purchase 

You can buy a ticket to the zipline Phuket trip online on our website. All you need to do is click the yellow button «Choose a date», fill in all the required fields, leave your email address and proceed to checkout. Once the payment is complete an e-ticket will be sent to your specified email address.


Guest memo:


1. Transfers from some areas are already included in the tour price. You can also purchase a seat in a group transfer from other areas.


2. We advise choosing comfortable clothing that a suitab;e for outdoor activities. We highly recommend paying special attention to footwear — you’ll need tight-fitting sneakers for a comfortable flight. 


3. Please bring with you a photo or a copy of your passport and some cash.


4. Please notice that travelers over the age of 70, children under the age of four, pregnant women and people with disabilities or serious illnesses are not allowed to participate in the tour. 


5. Please notice that there is a weight limit on some of the zip lines. Your weight should not exceed 120 kilograms to be able  to ride down the cabler, and in order to go down on the roller your weight should be within 40 to 100 kilograms.

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